Handstand Body Control


The Body Control Training is built from many years of experience as a professional athlete. Since early childhood I have been active and have won several competitions like the Russian Championship of acrobatics and trampoline and studied sports science in my youth. Following my studies I have been working with “Cirque du Soleil” for several years. This success and my health is the result of the hard work with and on my body. The training has helped me to develop a great amount of body awareness and be in total control of my body. This protects me from illness and injuries, age related affections and keeps my body in shape. I developed this fitness program over the past 10 years.

Its focus lies in stretching and the release of tension with the influence of Yoga, Pilates and athletic sports. In the era of technical evolution we tend to move less. Escalators, electronic bikes and other gadgets make us being lazy. But we should not forget that our body has been created by nature to survive periods of starving, long distance hikes and survival in wilderness at any weather conditions. Facing these facts it quickly becomes clear that we don’t even use a minimum of our power in daily life.

Body Control uses exactly these energies that we have in our bodies to achieve an optimal body condition. Because life style has become lazy, we don’t use our energies and the results are alarming. Folks suffer from migraine, sleep disorders, as well as being overweight. For example, the increase of obese people in Switzerland in the last 20 years (1992 to 2012) has almost doubled. The ratio has increased from 6% to 11% (source: Bundesamt für Statistik, Neuchâtel 2014).


The training is designed for a period of 5 months with one training per week where exercises are progressively taught and professionalized. The aim of the exercises which are compiled from athletic sports, Pilates, Yoga and stretching, is to have full body control at the end of the program. The indication for this is the handstand: if you manage to have full control over your body in contrary to its natural posture, it will be easy to take this behaviour to the daily flow of movement.