BMS Massage

Biomechnical stimulation is a modern alternative to plastic surgery and chemical injections.


BMS is already effective from the first session and the first results are immediately recognizable.


Effect of the BMS method:


- reduction of facial wrinkles

- stimulates the elasticity of the skin

- muscles are stimulated and stimulated to build up

- stimulation of blood flow


The technique not only allows a noticeable rejuvenation of the skin, but also improves the quality of the skin. The procedure is suitable for all age groups, both women and men is this attractive.


Through a certain massage technique and with the help of a device, which accelerates the processes of cell renewal by vibrations, the skin is effectively stimulated to regeneration and muscle building without surgical interventions.


Because of the vibration, the technology goes down to the depths of the muscles, making the desired result much more intense than any conventional massage.