Personal Training


You would like to improve your level of fitness?


You need somebody to motivate yourself and show the best exercises for you?


You or one of your kids want to prepare for a sports exam or competition?


If so, this is the right place for you!


I will take you from where your current level is and show you the way to your goals!



Sports and fitness have played a huge role throughout my life. Due to the constant focus on my body and health, I developed my own program. With this program the first step is to evaluate your fitness level individually and then improve continuously. It is important that the increase is in balance with resilience and improvement, as only through this is a continuous and healthy way to a fitter body.


Training itself usually consists of exercises, which can be done at home, so it is very time-cautious. Besides outdoor training you have the opportunity to improve a certain level of fitness working with machines in physio or fitness studios.


Together we work on a plan and I will monitor your technique while performing the exercises. This way postural deformities can be avoided and directed muscle formation is enabled.


I work with different techniques from Yoga, Pilates, Stretching and muscle formation. To achieve perceptible and visible results I recommend booking a training period of at least 8 weeks, with 3 training days per week.